Monday, October 3, 2011

Dw by Kanye West: beginners bad luck?

Finally, yesterday was the big day some of us have all been waiting for: Kanye's first move ever into the fashion industry (apart from his frequent frontrow occupancy). While I like to cut the man some slack, at least for his courage to give it a shot in fashion after such great achievements in the music industry, I find it hard to speak words of appreciation for the overall collection.

The name of the collection, Dw, stands for Donda West, Kanye's mother who tragically passed away a few years ago. This is already evidence of real passionate motivation for this curious move of the rapper. While the fashion-savvy Kanye West has become something of a frontrow fixture, he's been equally busy backstage, building relationships and connections leading to the collaboration for his first fashion collection. For months Kanye has worked alongside British designer Louise Goldin and Givenchy's Roberto Tisci, among others (the shoes for Dw were designed by Giuseppe Zanotti, in case you were wondering).

Leather and suede, zippers galore, streetwear inspirations, beading and crystals, and the amount of fur that would shake the foundations of PETA. This mix of methods, materials, and styles, together with a variety of perspectives (through collaborations and consultatations with industry pro's) explains the incoherence in the overall collection.
Still, it's kind of endearing to see someone as successful as Kanye West try so hard. Therefore, let's just give him the benefit of the doubt as a beginner and see what he has in store for us.

Any comments or thoughts on Kanye's fashion career? Feel free to share.

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All photo's courtesy of Gianni Pucci/