Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dutch couture in Paris

Couture Fashionweek (more like 'days') is almost running to it's final day for this season, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity to share with you how proud I am to be from little Holland this edition with not one, but two designers from the Netherlands showing their couture collection.
Recently, Iris van Herpen was invited by the Chambre Syndicale de La Couture to blow a fresh breeze through the couture shows as a guestdesigner. Good thing is we can enjoy Van Herpen's magnificent creations for at least five more times to come, after which she will be granted the title of accredited couturier. What I love so much about Van Herpen's designs is that they are such conceptual figments, but I still get where they come from: she does a great job translating everyday experiences, like a splash of water or spikey glass shards, into fashion-worthy creations. Who cares if the dresses are extremely UNwearable?! After all, fashion is not necessarily about wearability as it exceeds our beliefs about apparel, fit, and functionality.

Here's what I mean...

Although Van Herpen was one of the youngest designers during Couture Fashionweek, her technique and eye for detail are those of an old master, since she fuses old crafts with new technologies and methods of work. Watch the video below for some insight on her view on fashion.

Jan Taminiau participated off-schedule, presenting his 'Nature Extends' couture collection, the Taminiau view on the flow and 'oneness' of nature, using an usual mix of cork, gold sequins and draping chiffon.

Look out for Amsterdam International Fashionweek starting soon!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kick-Off SALON/2

Yesterday was the official opening of SALON / 2, an initiative to create discussion and dialogue between fashion, art, and design, held twice a year (winter/summer). As you would expect lots of creatives from Amsterdam and beyond were present at Magazijn, which was transformed into a pop-up store for the occasion, featuring skirts, shirts and more, all designed by Dutchies. 

Unfortunately, we had to leave our glasses half full at Magazijn, cause at 3pm I found myself rushing to concept store DROOG, where Antoine Peters’ Spring Summer 2012 collection was setup, tellingly named ‘Get Dizzy’.

Upon entering DROOG you could already hear the loud music provided by Krause & Jeroen Joosten just for this collection. The collection by Antione Peters was setup in a special exhibition room, featuring dummies on spinning platforms dressed in Peters’ colourful creations. The collection was inspired on today’s fast-moving digitized society, creating confusion (especially among computer illiterates if you ask me) and opening windows to new opportunities at the same time.

The SALON/ pop-up store at Magazijn sells some Antoine Peters scarfs. For the full collection you have to hold it in a few more months though.

You can checkout this season’s SALON at a variety of locations around the city up until the 17th of July. Visit the website for more information.