Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surprise birthday!

After a rather long silence, or what I like to call 'bloggers depression' I thought I'd give you all a sign of life from this end, especially as I feel the need to share this with you guys. Although I was expecting last weekend to be a big party since I was throwing a late birthday/ later graduation bash, I didn't see this coming. Boy, did they fool me!


So, as I'm not much of a planner when it comes to these kinds of occasions, I just invited over a bunch of close friends and family for drinks and bites at this fancy shmancy club/bar called Eve. However, nothing went as planned when my dear friend Mahreen lured me to another uptown sushi joint with, when I think of it now, a ridiculous excuse. Anyway, we were supposed to leave for Eve right away after running a quick errant. Guess what? We never made it to Eve that night, 'cause everyone I invited was already inside for the SURPRISE moment. I should've seen my face on the moment suprème because emotions were running from  scare at the sudden exclamation and curiosity to know whose birthday these loud people were celebrating, to a state of amazement that they were people I know, completed by feelings of betrayal when I spotted those who had actually claimed they wouldn't make it!

I was always wondering how I would react to surprise parties, but this experience has taught me that I actually love these kinds of unannounced things. Thank you Aiesha and Nawal for all the hard work, and my dear friends (you know who you are!) for spending with me an amazing and crazy evening! I love you!!!