Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Updated! John Galliano for Zara

Ladies and gentlemen, it was nothing but a stupid prank!!! Zara confirmed they do not intend on any such collaboration, since they have their "own designers". Although a collab with Galliano would've been interesting, to say the least, I love this proud answer from Zara, implying their in-house designers are good already and they don't need a pair of extra hands (or ego's). Guess we all got pranked!

For a while now people have been speculating about a collaboration between John Galliano and retail chain Zara on a Spring/Summer 2012 collection which, allegedly, hits the stores this summer.

Several Spanish and Italian bloggers have spread the rumor that the former creative brain of the house of Dior has teamed-up with Zara for two low-cost collections. The collaboration would be a one-off thing, but surely the mark of many collaborations to come, as for the retail chain.

It's already taken too long before Zara followed the lead of H&M, Topshop, or GAP with such low-cost label wear. And although a retail chain shouldn't forget where it came from and what defined it's success in the first place, treating it's true followers to some juicy designer labels every once and a while doesn't hurt.

To date, neither Galliano nor Zara have confirmed the rumors, but for sure you already believe in them? I know I do!

You haven't heard the last of this...

Mr Lulu
International Business Times


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