Monday, May 23, 2011

Favela Painting in Amsterdam

Boy With Kite, 2007 (courtesy to Favela Painting)

Imagine a world where slums and ghetto's are places of joy and fun, bright colors glistering in the sunlight. Inhabitants would be living in a piece of art instead of a piece of shhhhh. In 2006, the Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) developed the initiative to, together with local communities, create artistic interventions in Brazil.

Courtesy to Favela Painting

The first marks of Favela Painting in Brazil are two murals in Vila Cruzeiro, one of Rio's most infamous slums. The murals were realized in collaboration with local youths, offering them an alternative for a live of crime as members of a drug gang.

The artists' ultimate dream has always been to color an entire hillside favela, for the whole community to enjoy be part of This weekend twenty Dutch artists and designers picked up their brushes and markers to artistically 'lay' some picnic tables. The picnic tables will be auctioned at Christie's this fall, and needless to say the proceeds will go to making the new grand project possible! Here are some shots I took of the creative vibes this Saturday.
 The boys of VAgE gASTEN, initiators of this great day, doing their thing

Picture: Henzel & Disco Nova
Actress Hanna Verboom working her table

Picture: Henzel & Disco Nova
Fashion designer Bas Kosters next to his happy and somewhat goofy creation

I know we can't change the world drastically, but at least we can help make it a beautiful place to live in! Support Favela Painting here. Help is much appreciated (and tax-deductable!).