Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save these dates!!!

What are yóu doing the next couple of weeks? I know what'll keep me busy! Celebrating the start of a new fashion season – with fashion week in July as the cherry on the cake – these events are just that fashion fix I needed to get in shape for summer!

Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition
May 14th – June 26th

NAiM/Bureau Europa is presenting Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition, a sequel to Out of Fashion (compiled for the 40th edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam). Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition is a project showcasing the interaction between fashion and film. Through exhibitions, film, and a series of events we get a glimpse of the utilization of film, video, and online media by fashion houses, avant-garde designers, and upcoming fashion designers. I’m especially thrilled to see the films and installations presented by none other than agnès b. and Maison Martin Margiela!

Check THIS out for an elaborate program overview, with workshops, films screenings, and more!

Cassette Playa at The Perfect Cut
May 27th (20:00-21:00)

In collaboration with NAiM / Bureau Europa Premsela, the Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, will host another dialogue about the role of film in fashion. Dutch photographer Ari Versluis (Exactitudes) will interview Carrie Munden a.k.a. Cassette Playa about her work as an artist and designer. Being a Cassette Playa enthusiast since like...forever, I’m so excited about the interview and hearing Cassette Playa talk about her work. To give you a little impression, here’s what I’m so fired up about...

Love the extravagant, streetstyle inspired, action figure world Cassette Playa represents! Too bad the collection usually doesn't carry much women's pieces. Perhaps I should address this serious issue to Cassette Playa herself on the 27th...

Go HERE for more information on this program.

HTNK One Day Shop
May 28th (15:00-21:00)

Due to great popularity, HTNK, the renowned fashion recruitment and consultancy agency, is throwing yet another of those fine Dutch designer shops. For the occasion ClubTrouw in Amsterdam is transformed into a shop for a day (the name basically covers it all!!) filled with Dutch designer labels, fashion, illustrations, photography, art and more more more!!! Ow, and uuh...minor detail: CASH ONLY. Featuring  Bas Kosters, SPR Specials, Mada van Gaans, And Beyond, and many others, the 28th promises to be a tragic day, for my bank account that is. But, should you feel guilty after spending your entire savings on even more dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories than your wardrobe can handle (which I for one find very unlikely), then there's always drinks and sounds that'll make you (temporarily ofcourse!) forget about paying back those debts. Hey, at least you'll look stunning working the new attire on live's runway!

Fashionclash 2011
June 10th-12th

Started in 2007, FASHIONCLASH provides a stage for young and talented fashion designers to present their work to a diverse international audience. Although fashion is often associated with the apparel industry, FASHIONCLASH shows fashion in its broadest sense, offering disciplines part of the fashion industry, like photography, illustration, fine arts, and film, to participate as well, thus creating a 'clash' between fashion, culture, and discipline.

The 3rd edition of FASHIONCLASH will be held from June the 10th until the 12th in Maastricht. For this edition more than a 100 participants will be showcasing their work. Besides the shows, there are some interesting workshops planned, as well as exhibitions and the ABKM (Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst Maastricht - Academy for Visual Arts Maastricht) graduate show.

For an impression of last year's FASHIONCLASH check out this embedded video (courtesy to  Daniel van Hauten on Vimeo) or go to the FASHIONCLASH site.

Enough said, now it's time to experience! Maybe I'll see you on one (or more) of these events. But if you can't make it, just check in here for some coverage by yours truly!



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