Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Wow, feels like forever since my last encounter with Blogger. This radio silence has not been in vain, as I went through blood-sweat-and-tears moments working on my final graduation project. But boy o boy, is this fresh graduate eager to take on new adventures and build new (and accomplish existing) dreams as a 'grown-up'.

Although we always nag about early classes, team projects, and meeting deadlines, being a student is actually not that bad. So, goodbye study grant powered by uncle government, bye bye student discounts at River Island, farewell lazy afternoon shopping while skipping class, adieu free country-wide public transport, so long charitative family dinners. You have made my life as a student heaven on earth, hence your support will not be forgotten.

Moving on to the here, now, and tomorrow,  let's not neglect the opportunities at hand, things I can do, places I can go, dreams I can accomplish. First of all, I would like to take this blog to a whole 'nother level, both quality- and quantity-wise. Expect reports on great finds from the art and fashion world with greater frequency! Second, now is the time to work on my dream of becoming a fashion professional, preferably on an international scale. Acne Studios, hire me! Third, let's make that dream journey through Latin America (with a stopover in India) come true. Brazil, keep my surfboard waxed!

Checking out with some wisdom from a very happy friend: "Always put in your best effort so good things can come to you".