Friday, September 2, 2011

Artsy Autumn

Although I'm not really one to incessantly whine about the weather, these past few weeks (or should I say months) have not been your typical hot summer days. Being a Dutchie at heart I know not to expect anymore sizzling days at least until May next year. As I have my eight days of sun covered (someone is leaving for Crete tomorrow!) I can't wait for fall to bless us with some richly coloured foliage, coziness, and a new wardrobe. Let's take some time to marvel at this season's hot trends and styles!

Albeit not uncommon, the season's catwalk-styles rocked fine arts- inspired ensembles, flaunting contructivist colour grids, geometric lines, and opaque gouaches.

Splashes of colour and pattern, geometrics, and turtlenecks at Jil Sander, Yves Saint Laurent, and Céline

Cubism-inspired bright coloured planes at Chloé and Prada

 Clean-cut silhouettes and wavy autumn colours at Céline and Jil Sander

A striking resemblance with Matisse's gouaches at Chloé

It doesn't really matter whether you choose geometrics, bold colour grids, or sharp silhouettes, as long as it's colourful and perky. This won't be an issue for me, as I am a true fan of colour: you will rarely find me sporting an all-black outfit. Yay, can't wait to do some serious shopping! Of course I'll keep you posted on my interesting finds.

As my flight leaves in a little more than 3 hours, I guess I'll be checking out for now. Catch you in a few days with holiday pictures!


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