Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Be a realist, remain a dreamer'

One of the things I absolutely love to do on a useless day is strolling around the city, discovering new and interesting stuff. I had one of these days last week, and it was fun!

I met up with my girls for an evening around town and while chatting and sharing with each other our old and new, we ended up walking along the Amsterdam canals, where we stumbled upon this amazing store/studio/gallerie spiritually named 'Buddista', at Prinsengracht 688, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

Our curiosity piqued, we walked into this messy hallway, greeted by a full-scale Lagerfeld poster. Beside this almost humbling entrance rested an installation of old suitcases positioned on top of eachother, illustrating   both the concept of leaving as well as coming home, as explained by the artist, suitably dubbed Buddista.

While leisurely holding a beer in one hand, he invited us to have a look into his workshop:  it's what you would expect of a disorganized, buddhist artist's studio.

One of my favorites was an unfinished painting of a woman with butterfly wings, staring into 'nothingness', as if preparing to fly away into it. Being a dreamer at heart I can relate to this image. Same goes for this one:

One of the reasons I love citylife, is because every day can bring surprises, and there is always something new to discover, especially culture-wise. Untill another urban expedition!